> Congress

Barry Loudermilk, House GOP Candidate, Wins Endorsement From Controversial Historian David Barton

Goodlatte’s Online Sales Tax Principles Revive House Debate

Contributed Research: U.S. Attorney Employees Warned: ‘Real Possibility’ You Won’t Get Back Pay If Government Shuts Down

Republicans Forget Obamacare Is Now Law (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich: ‘No Grand Strategy’ Around Possible Government Shutdown

Live Blog: Government Shutdown Would Hurt NIH Research

Michele Bachmann: Shutdown Shouldn’t Close World War II Memorial

Frustrated Federal Employees Begin Day One Of Furloughs

Veterans Say House GOP’s Piecemeal Approach To Ending Government Shutdown Not Enough

Contributed Research: Lawmakers Probe Big Banks Using Colleges To Target Students

Government Shutdown Liveblog: NASA Interns Left Jobless and Homeless After Shutdown

Contributed Research: Congress Vents Its Frustration Over Shutdown Through Out-Of-Office Messages

Government Shutdown Liveblog: Sen. Mike Lee Says Some Republicans Who Bashed Cruz ‘Utterly Ashamed’

Government Shutdown Liveblog: ROTC Program Suspended at American University Amid Shutdown

Government Shutdown Liveblog: Shutdown Means Work Backlog — And A Frozen Dead Bird

Contributed Research: Senate Democrats Close D.C. Offices During Shutdown While Republicans’ Stay Open

Government Shutdown Liveblog: Adopt A Furloughed Worker

Government Shutdown A Bigger Downer As It Goes On

Furloughed Workers Fight To Remain Positive During Shutdown, Donate Time To Charities

Government Shutdown Liveblog: Furloughed Workers Get Creative To Beat The Shutdown Blues

David Dewhurst, Texas Lieutenant Governor: ‘Obama Ought To Be Impeached’

Contributed Research: Rep. Jim Jordan Says Attempt To Defund Obamacare A Mistake

Steve Southerland Becomes First Target Of Democrats Post-Shutdown

Lisa Murkowski Laments ‘Enormous Consequences’ Following Shutdown

Contributed Research: Bill Nelson Backs ENDA, Leaving Just Two Democratic Holdouts

Contributed Research: Dick Cheney: Obama Doesn’t Care About Anything Except Basing Government On European Socialism

GOP Congressman, Confused By Satirical Article, Goes After MSNBC Host Chris Hayes

Allen West Asks If There’s ‘Nefarious, Malicious Intent’ Behind Obama’s ‘Incompetence’

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Advocates Calling Obamacare By Its Full ‘Orwellian’ Name

> Climate Change

Keystone XL Pipeline Protesters To Obama: ‘No Planet Drama’

Rand Paul: Olmsted Project A ‘Boondoggle’, But Necessary

GOP Senators Who Opposed Sandy Relief Aid Fundraise Around One-Year Anniversary Of Storm

Keystone XL Southern Extension Dents, Sags Show Need For More Tests, Public Citizen Says

> Crime

Washington Navy Yard Shootings: Room for 8 to 10 More at Local Hospital

Washington Navy Yard Shooting: Hospital Spokeswoman Gives Update on Victims

Washington Navy Yard Shooting: Update On 3 Victims

Colorado Gun Group Raffling Same Type Of Weapon Used In Aurora Theater Shooting

Photo Credit: Decades-Long Peace Vigil Outside White House Dismantled By Police

> Economy And Immigration

Instead Of Turning On Each Other, Immigrant And Domestic Workers Unite To Form New Organization

‘You Plan On Sending Your Kids To College. It’s Now Out Of The Question.’

‘I’m Always Filling Out Applications, But I Don’t Ever Get Called Back’

‘It’s Dirty Work And It’s Often Demeaning Work, But At Least It’s Work’

> Foreign Policy And National Security

Cruz: Obama’s Government Shutdown Position Compromises National Security

NSA ‘Stop Watching Us’ Protest Draws Thousands In Washington

NSA Revelations Threaten Cloud Companies

Jeremy Hammond Supporters Speak Out For ‘Whistleblower’ Ahead Of Sentencing

Contributed Reporting: After Nelson Mandela Ended Apartheid, He Had To Learn How To Run A Presidential Campaign

Senator Who Investigated JFK Assassination: ‘American Journalism Never Followed Up On That Story’

Rep. Carolyn Maloney: Syria’s Women Must Be Included In Debate


Al Qaeda Resurgence Tied To Syrian Crisis, Scholar Says

Pervez Musharraf Says Pakistan Does Not Consider United States And West ‘Trustworthy Allies’

Everyday Iranians Weigh In On Nuclear Deal

Aga Khan: We Can Achieve A More Cooperative World If We Understand Our Differences, Not Erase Them

What Everyday Iranians Have To Say About The Nuclear Deal Now That It’s A Reality

Obama’s First U.S. Mosque Visit Came Late, But Still Means A Lot, Says Top Islamic Scholar

These Graphic Novel Authors Illustrate The Struggle Of Being Gay And In Love In Iran

After Years Of Being Sidelined, Syrian Women Aim To Make History At Peace Talks

Cyprus Faces An Uncertain Future After Turkey’s Failed Coup

With Trump’s Ban In Limbo, Iranians Weigh In On Its Impact So Far



Alastair Crooke: You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism In Saudi Arabia

Dean Obeidallah: No One Wants to See ISIS Defeated More Than Muslims

Lina Shamy: These Are The Moments Of Aleppo’s Demise That I Will Never Forget (AUDIO)

Dr. Ahmad Tarakji: The World Failed Aleppo, But It Can Still Save Its Displaced Residents

Amal Clooney: Egypt Should Send Canadian Journalist Mohamed Fahmy Home

Homero Aridjis: Enough! Mexico Is Ready to Explode

Joseph E. Stiglitz & Martin Guzman: Argentina Shows Greece There May Be Life After Default

Flemming Rose: Why I Published Cartoons of Muhammad and Don’t Regret It

Kaya Genc: The Turkey-Netherlands Spat Is A Reminder Of A New Specter Haunting Europe

Gordon Brown: The World Should Be Ashamed of the Failure to #BringBackOurGirls

Mohamed Dahir: Somalia Is On The Brink Of Famine, And Time Is Running Out (VIDEO)


Indian Prime Minister Modi Thrives On The Politics Of Hate, Says Opposition Leader Rahul Gandhi 

Oliver Stone: Snowden Is A Patriot Who Wants To Come Home 

Former Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr: Iran Has Capitulated To The U.S. In This ‘Vienna Submission’

Turkey’s Coup Is A Nail In The Coffin Of Democracy, Says Top Turkish Novelist 

Turkish Justice Minister On Fethullah Gülen: ‘The U.S. Will Not Choose A Terrorist Over Turkey’

Wael Ghonim: We Have A Duty To Use Our Social Media Power To Speak The Truth


This Is What India’s Devastating Drought Looks Like Up Close


WorldPost Editor-in-Chief Nathan Gardels’ Weekly Weekend Roundups

Akbar Ahmed’s Series On Western Muslim Converts: These Muslim Convert Stories Will Challenge Your Perspective Of Islam

The China Africa Project’s Podcasts

Mya Guarnieri On Israel/Palestine Escalation

OutRight Action International Graphic Novel: Why We Need More Gay Iranian Love Stories Like This One

The Arab Spring Five Years On:


Walid Akef: 5 Years After the Revolution, Egypt’s a Hell After a Paradise


Dana Ali: Amidst The Chaos And Civil War, My Hope For Peace In Libya Still Holds


Amira Yahyaoui: Five Years After the Revolution, Tunisia Is Sliding Back to the Past


Duha Sa’fan: I’m for the Arab Spring — But Not in Jordan


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